Torah Temimah offers the full National Curriculum, alongside a rich and challenging curriculum of Limmudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies).

The Limmudei Kodesh curriculum, which is introduced in Nursery class and continues through Years Reception to Year 6, includes:

  • Hebrew Kriah (reading)
  • Biblical and Classical Hebrew vocabulary and grammar
  • Sedra (weekly Torah portion) and Festivals
  • Chumash (Five Books of the Torah), with the commentary of the pre-eminent medieval commentator Rashi
  • Mishna
  • Gemora (Babylonian Talmud)
  • Nach (Books of the Prophets)
  • Yedioh kallis (Jewish life and practice)
  • National curriculum KS2 Foreign Language (Classical Hebrew)
  • PSHE and aspects of British Values

The Limmudei Kodesh curriculum is planned and delivered in close liaison with secular National Curriculum teachers to ensure close cross-curricular linkage and support.

Our secular curriculum follows the statutory National Curriculum.

The Nursery and Reception classes follow the statutory Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This is delivered through the framework of the rhythm of the Jewish year: weekly sedra, festivals, and key aspects of Jewish life. Through this framework, the children play, learn and develop in all aspects of the Early Years curriculum, making good use of our well-equipped outdoor open and covered play areas and garden. For example, around the festival of Chanuka in December the children will learn about snow, the North Pole, polar bears, eskimos and igloos. If it snows enough, they will make their own igloo in the playground.

The curriculum maps for Years 1-6 can be downloaded from the following links:

For an outline of the curriculum content for Years 1-6 please click on the following links:

Parents or members of the public wishing to find out more about our school curriculum should contact the school office. Contact details are on our Home Page.

Phonics & reading schemes:

In Key Stage 1 we teach Phonics using the Letters and Sounds scheme. This ensures a systematic, progressive approach to the teaching of Phonics throughout KS1 and – for those children who require it – into KS2.

Our main reading scheme in KS1 is the Collins Big Cat scheme. We use additional reading programmes for specific groups where appropriate.