School information

School name: Avigdor Hirsch Torah Temimah Primary School

DfE number: 304/3603. Unique Reference Number (URN): 131916. Our Edubase record can be accessed here.

Postal address: Parkside, Dollis Hill, London NW2 6RJ

Telephone: 020 8450 4377

Headteacher: Rabbi Y Freeman BSc.  Menahel* (Principal): Rabbi E Klyne MA שליט”א

All enquiries should be addressed to the School Administrator, Miss G. Grant. Click here for details of our School calendar 2017-18 and School calendar 2018-2019.

Our most recent Ofsted report (September 2016) is available here.

In January 2015 the school underwent an elective inspection of the Kodesh (religious studies) provision under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005. The report from that inspection is available here: TTPS Section 48 Inspection Report – January 2015 – FINAL.

Other key information that can be found here includes:

Further information about the School, including its history, is available on Wikipedia. Please note that Wikipedia is a publicly editable resource and the School can accept no responsibility for the content, accuracy, completeness or omissions from information on Wikipedia.

* The Menahel (Principal) is responsible for the Limmudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) curriculum and overall religious direction, management and ethos of the School. He shares seniority with the Headteacher and is directly accountable to the Governing Body.